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We have included
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possible gift ideas
for Valentines,
however we offer
more than 70,000
dog breed products
in 225 different dog
breeds. So, if you
don't see your
breed here, then
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This adorable
dachshund in sitting
pretty in a big pink
heart... just as your
doxie is always there in
your heart. Great
Dachshund Valentine's
Day gift for the doxie
Valentine's Day Gifts
for Rottweiler Lovers
It's puppy love, and these two rottweiler
puppies are simply adorable. Great gifts for
rottie lovers on Valentines day cards,
t-shirts, and other apparel and gift
Are you looking for a unique gift that will please that dog loving
sweetheart of yours?  Here at Dogs by Dezign we have created
some original dog breed prints that are perfect for Valentine's
Day. What is really special about these breed designs, is that
they are not just for V-day, but can be enjoyed all throughout
the year. This year, why not give a gift that says, "I know you
love me, and I also know you have another love... your fur baby!
Valentine's Day is all about
love. Love comes in all sizes
and shapes. This year we
have been busy creating
designs that reflect the
special bond and love that is
between us and our dogs. We
have unique gift ideas made
especially for Valentines, to
celebrate this human canine
bond. We also have
assembled here some of our
designs that are all about this
love, and can be worn or
enjoyed all year long. These
designer lines come in a
variety of dog breeds. Enjoy
browsing, and heres hoping
you have a Happy Valentines
Day, full of sloppy wet doggie
Instead of giving them flowers
that will wilt, or candy that will
add a few unwanted pounds...
give them a gift that will bring
a smile to their face, and a
gift that they can use all year
long. A celebration of that
very special bond that exists
between them and their
faithful, loving companion.
We have some great designs for dog lovers to celebrate Valentines day. Choose shirts, mugs, and coasters.
Valentine's Day greeting or note cards. Gifts of mousepads, magnets, buttons and more.
Really cute Valentine's design
that is reminiscent of those
Valentine's Day cards we used
to give away in school to all of
our classmates.
Click a dog breed to see all
the terrific gift ideas
Miniature Schnauzer,
Boston Terrier,
Staffordshire Bull
German Shepherd, and
Airedale Terrier
Australian Shepherd
Basset Hound
Jack Russell Terrier
and more!
Pug Love... got it? If you
do, then flaunt it!
Adorable breed design
lets everyone know just
where your heart lies.
Some great Valentine's
day gifts here for the true
pug lover.
affenpinscher valentines gifts
airedale terrier valentines day gifts
Border Collie Valentines Day Gifts Scarf
Golden Retriever Gift Idea Scarves
Shetland Sheepdog Valentines Day gifts scarf
Yorkshire Terrier Valentines Day gifts scarf
miniature schnauzer valentines day gift idea scarf

Style: American Apparel Sheer
Jersey Scarf
American Apparel’s all-purpose
and super-soft everyday scarf.
Made with pre-shrunk 100% jersey
cotton and raw edges (unfinished),
this scarf is a comfortable
accessory that’s great for layering.

Made in the USA.
One size fits all (93” x 16”).
Shape: Jelly Belly™ Glass Jar
Make a big impression on your
guests with a customized 6-ounce
Jelly Belly glass jar. Featuring
mints or Jelly Belly™ flavors and
printed on the lid, this delicious
delight is the perfect take-away for
special dinners, wedding favors,
birthday parties, or your next big
special event.  6-ounce glass jar.
Filling: Mints
Round premium sugar-free,
aspartame-free peppermints.
Assorted Jelly Belly™ Jelly Beans
Peach Jelly Belly™
Pina Colada Jelly Belly™
Buttered Popcorn Jelly Belly™
Strawberry Daiquiri Jelly Belly™
Island Punch Jelly Belly™
Sunkist Tangerine Jelly Belly™
Sunkist Lemon Jelly Belly™
Tutti Fruitti Jelly Belly™
Very Cherry Jelly Belly™
Cotton Candy Jelly Belly™
Lemon Lime Jelly Belly™
Green Apple Jelly Belly™
Bubble Gum Jelly Belly™
Watermelon Jelly Belly™
Coconut Jelly Belly™
Toasted Marshmallow Jelly Belly™
Orange Sherbet Jelly Belly™
Blueberry Jelly Belly™
Chocolate Pudding Jelly Belly™

This rectangle-shaped tin (0.70 oz) features rounded
edges and a brushed metal or white finish for an
elegant look and feel. Filled with fresh mints or your
favorite Jelly Belly™ flavor, it’s the perfect gift or party
favor that everyone will love to take home.

Customize the lid with your photos, designs, or text.
Mints and Jelly Belly™ options available.
Order in bulk and save!
Candy is kosher certified, gluten free, and soy free.
Candy made in a facility that process peanuts. Some
flavors may contain coconut.
irish setter valentines day gifts candy tin
puggle dog valentines candy tin
saint bernard valentine's day jelly belly candy glass jar
shetland sheepdog, sheltie valentines day gifts candy tin
west highland white terrier valentine's day candy tins
Rottweiler puppy valentine's day necklace jewelry
Rottweiler puppy heart stickers
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