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The Koolie is an Australian dog breed. Specifically, it is a herding dog, a subcategory of working dog. Koolies have existed
in Australia since the early 18th century. The Koolie is believed to be descended from the same Collie types that were
brought to Australia for the kennels of Thomas S. Hall (an originator of the Australian Cattle Dog breed); some believe that
they could be direct descendents of Hall's dogs. This, if true, would make the Koolie the oldest of Australia's breeds.
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In 2000, the Koolie Club of Australia was formed to preserve, protect and ethically promote the Koolie breed. Opinion is
divided as to whether official recognition would be good for the breed. As of (2006), no bench standard exists and
none is expected in the near future.
The Koolie breed is currently not recognized by any kennel club, although judges from the Australian National Kennel
Council (ANKC) may judge Koolies in the various sporting trials. In the states of Victoria, New South Wales, and
Queensland, registered Koolies may compete in Australian national kennel council-sponsored working, obedience,
tracking, jumping and dog agility events by registration on their State's Sporting Register as members of the Koolie
Club of Australia.
The Koolies in America are eligible to compete in working sheep dog and cattle dog trials that are sanctioned by the
Australian Shepherd Club of America, United States Border Collie Handler's Association, and The American Herding
Breed Association. The breed is also eligible to compete in the sports/performance events that are sanctioned by the
North American Dog Agility Council and the United States Dog Agility Association.

In May 2006, the Australian Shepherd Club of America, Stockdog Committee, voted to recognize the Koolie/Coolie as
an ASCA-accepted herding breed.
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