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The Mastiff breed is a combination of grandeur, dignity, and courage; calm and affectionate to its master, but capable of
guarding. The breed is innately good natured, calm, easygoing, and surprisingly gentle. It is a well-mannered house pet but
needs sufficient room to stretch out. This is an extremely loyal breed and, though not excessively demonstrative, it is devoted
to its family and good with children. Edwards, S. (1800), wrote in the Cynographia Britannica, London: C. Whittingham:
"What the Lion is to the Cat the Mastiff is to the Dog, the noblest of the family; he stands alone, and all others sinking before
him. His courage does not exceed its temper and generosity and in attachment he equals the kindest of his race. His docility
is perfect; the teasing of the smaller kinds will hardly provoke him to resent, and I have seen him down with his paw the Terrier
or cur that has bit him, without offering further injury. In a family he will permit the children to play with him and will suffer all
their little pranks without offence."
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Mastiff License Plate
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If home is where your heart is, it must also be where your English Mastiff is.
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