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I love my Miniatue Schnauzer license plate frame holder, bumper sticker, cap, shirt, mug
Miniature Schnauzer Christmas sweatshirt, hoodie,
ornaments, Christmas greeting cards, note cards, and more
to make your season "Merry".
miniature schnauzer christmas ornaments, round ornament
Check out the original Dogs by
Dezign creations for our Miniature
Schnauzer fans. Keepsake boxes,
note cards, magnets, and other
great gift ideas.
Miniature Schnauzer, Festus is
the town comedian, you know,
that fella that always makes you
grin from ear to floppy ear
everytime to see him!
Cute, alert, full of energy, the
Miniature Schnauzer makes
every owner's day a brighter.
Great gift for the Miniature
Schnauzer owner.
My Miniature Schnauzer Makes My Day apparel and gifts
Miniature Schnauzer USA patriotic apparel and gifts
Miniature Schnauzer, USA...
A State of Mind! Great design for
the Mini lover. Apparel,
housewares, etc.
Totally cute, is this mini in our
original Heritage of Love series.
Wonderful gifts for  any day of
the year. Variety of merchandise
in this unique print.
Minaiture Schnauzer Heritage Of Love puppy gifts
Miniature Schnauzer LOVE
Loyal and devoted, the Miniature Schnauzer
exemplifies love. Wonderful gift idea for mini
schnauzer lovers.
Variety of merchandise, both apparel and
Home is where my Miniature Schnauzer t-shirts, housewares, gifts
If home is where your heart is,
it must also be where your
Miniature Schnauzer is. Wear
with pride this country look print.
Everyone wants to be Irish for Saint Patrick's Day,
and our cute little mascot miniature schnauzer is no
exception! Great gifts for mini dog lovers to
celebrate the shamrock day.
Wonderfully colorful easter print for
those that know their dog is
egg-ceptional! Great gift ideas for
miniature schnauzer lovers. Variety of
spring holiday merchandise.
miniature schnauzer christmas cards, in single card or multi packs
miniature schnauzer chirstmas apparel, holiday clothing, sweatshirts, and more
Miniature Schnauzer Mom apparel and gift merchandise
Dog Mom apparel and gift products for the true dog mom.
Our apparel comes in multiple colors and styles and in
sizes from Jr's to plus sized women's clothing. This is an
original design that tells the world just how much you love
your mini!
Dog Dad t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, golf
shirts, and other apparel merchandise, mugs
and more gift product ideas. You know that Dad
is crazy about his mini.
We have miniature schnauzers license plate frames, bumper stickers,
caps, mugs, tees, and more merchandise offered in our "No Bones About It"
design. All designed to say, "I love my Miniature Schnauzer!"
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Miniature Schnauzer gifts, posters, buttons, magnets, prints, mugs, coasters, more
Cute Miniature Schanzuer t-shirts for the whole family
Anyone that owns a miniature schnauzer knows
what a politican they are. Elect a little dog with a
big agenda! Cool t-shirts, gifts, and other
merchandise for this election year.
Buy Miniature
Tote Bags
Mugs, Magnets
Posters, Prints,
If you do text messaging, then
you know that BFF stands for
'Best Friends Forever'. If you are
a Miniature Schnauzer owner
then you know exactly who your
BFF is! It is your Schnauzer!
Cool gifts and apparel.
If your choice of dogs is the spunky miniature
schnauzer, then this design if made just for you.
Text reads,My Choice, Miniature Schnauzer, Terrier
Group. Euro style oval with greyscale art.  Looks
great on apparel, hats, more.
miniature schnauzer christmas cards in single card or multi packs, a lovely way to send your holiday greetings.
This miniature schnauzer Christmas ornament will be a favorite on your tree, or use as a gifts topper.
Miniature Schnauzer Christmas art is beautiful on a wide variety of holiday
merchandise. This little mini in laying in front of a woodland decorated tree, with
ornaments on the ground beside him, that he picked from the Christmas tree!
Our apparel comes in
men's, women's, jr, infant,
toddler, and kid's sizes.
We have t-shirts,
sweatshirts, hoodies,
hats, caps, tote bags,
messenger bags, and
Our housewares
products include mugs,
coasters, wall clocks,
steins, and other fine
products for your home.
We also have framed
prints, posters, greeting
cards, magnets,
ornaments, keepsake
boxes, just to name a few.
In my summer garden the flowers all in
bloom, They bide me with their fragrance to
dissipate my gloom. There waits my Miniature
Schnauzer, because we both know that where
we are together love will surely grow.

Exceedingly beautiful Miniature Schnauzer art
captures the look of devotion on this
wonderful breed and companion. Browse all
the terrific Schnauzer merchandise available
with this design.
Unique and Original Dogs By Dezign Creations
Over 225 Dog Breeds
70,000+  Products
Really cute Valentine's design that is reminiscent of
those adorable Valentine's Day cards we used to give
away in school to all of our classmates. Fun
merchandise for Mini Schnauzer owners.
Miniature Schnauzer Valentines Day Gifts Candy Jar with filled candies.
Miniature Schnauzer Valentines Day Jewelry Necklace
Miniature Schnauzer Valentine's Day Gifts Scarf
Miniature Schnauzer Valentines Day Card
Miniature Schnauzer Valentines Day Postage Stamp
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St Patrick's Day
Miniature Schnauzer
T Shirts, Cards, Gifts
Great way for dog lovers to celebrate St. Patrick's
Day with the luck of the Irish. Dog lovers
everywhere will love our fun designs. We offer Saint
Paddy's day designs on more than 70 dog breeds.
Miniature Schnauzer Christmas
Gifts Merchandise